Coppery home decor accesories

Coppery home decor accesories

That’s where the white and gray end – copper, gold and steel begin to reign. According to what we’ve promised earlier, today we analyze coppery accessories for interiors. We are going to reveal where coppery color has its the most suitable place.

Coppery color is a must-have in industrial interiors most often as pipes sticking out of ceiling. Then, it takes furniture and turn them into russet ones.

There is nothing prohibited when decorating… almost nothing You can find spots in scandinavian interiors which vary plain, light décor. Thanks to heavy, metal accessories your place can look extraordinary.

coppery accesoriescoppery accessories for interiors

Copper color recently celebrated triumphs in pubs and restaurants. You can find not only lamps and chairs there, but also table accessories as well.

If you have an idea of redecorating your room, you can always start from an accessory which contains some copper color. Concrete bowl MEZZO coppery could be perfect solution. What is more it is produced in two different variants: light and dark ones. Interesting bowl painting makes it unique piece of design.

concrete decor bowl coppery

For those who are brave enough to let copper in, I LIKE BETON offers concrete bowls LUNA copper which insides are all covered with copper color paint.

concrete accesories bowl coppery

I LIKE BETON presents you round concrete bowls TONDO which also are in similar colors. The choice is yours!

Suggestions give above may be useful as plant composition. All you need to do is to put some soil in it and add your favorite plant. Bowl as a plant pot, what an interesting idea!

You can’t cope without copper! :) It will be seen in modern interiors for long time for sure. It’s not a seasonal hit. Copper color is our favorite in trinity set :) Along with black and gold color, copper one is I LIKE BETON customers’ favorite.

I LIKE BETON meets the expectations of people who care about details and timeless sense of good style. Concrete bowls I LIKE BETON are choices of perfect quality and ideal décor. 

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