Garden pots - which one are the best?

Garden pots - which one are the best?

Large garden pots

Which plant pots are the most suitable for garden? What are their important features? Should they be made of wood, ceramic, plastic or concrete? What plants we can put in them?

Lots of question came up when we face the issue of choosing the right pots for garden.

In the beginning, let’s take a look on our garden. It doesn’t look amazing, for now… But relax, it takes some time to make it beautiful. Let’s plan which plants will grow this season in the garden. Below, there are some fine ideas:



Known also as Azaleas. We can already find many seedlings in home&garden stores. Rhododendron is a type of perennial flower, blooms in summer, and its flowers are purple and pink.

For beginners, we recommend stable plant pot, which allow seedling grow without any troubles. Check it out: Concrete plant pot HELIO

garden plant pots


Fruit trees

Mini fruit trees are brand new must-have in garden. Their tree crowns have 60 cm diameter, so it’s easy to put a tree in one, large pot. What is more, these trees give normal size fruits! Concrete plant pot ORBIS

large garden pots



Besides beautiful and colorful plants, we can choose best known thuja and put it in a large, stable plant pot. Thuja’s seedling is available in garden stores, we can easily find those grown already over 50 cm high.


Going back to the main subject of garden pots, we have some ideas which you can find useful when arranging your garden.

Wooden pots

Wooden pots are very popular in garden. They fit with most of garden design, but there is one major disadvantage: we have to take care of their look and resistance. We can’t let it soak too much and don’t forget about good impregnation.

Plastic pots

They are cheap, easy to scratch and break, and they fade really fast. NEXT!

Concrete pots

They take 1st place in our rank. Concrete plant pots guarantee stability and solid structure. Moreover concrete plant pots I LIKE BETON resist humidity, frost and heat. Great for outdoors. No wind can take them down :)

Check the whole I LIKE BETON offer of concrete plant pots!

concrete plant pot

big concrete pot

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