Concrete accessories - DIY!

Concrete accessories - DIY!

Don’t worry about cloudy weather with barely sun – we’ve got some bright ideas for you to cheer up. We’ve searched all the Internet to present you some amazing projects.

We often show you, let’s say, “ordinary” decorative accessories. But today, there are some unconventional ideas, which you can create on your own! Let’s stay with concrete topic.

 “As you make your bed so you must lie in it”, they say. Well, they should’ve thought about a pillow, a concrete one! J It’s a project you can make on your own. Attention! Don’t organize a pillow fight! J But you can use it as candle holder.

Concrete accessories DIY

Darkness, I see darkness! We can’t help you… We have a bulb, but… a concrete one :) It doesn’t light but it’s perfect as a hanger. You can make it at home easily, all you need is bulb, concrete and water. Piece of cake!

Concrete DIY

When kids handle all jigsaw puzzles with cars, castles, landscapes, we can surprise them with concrete puzzle. Kids will have fun and we can use it later as a holder for concrete pot orbis! Pleasant & useful!

Concrete Pad DIY


Best for hot days which will come soon (we hope). Ice cream made of… concrete! Wondering which flavor is the most tasteful!

Concrete DIY accessories

That concrete spree can last forever. But let’s go back to what we know is the best. I LIKE BETON items is a combination of great idea and perfect finishing. Out concrete lamps EDISON CUBE do light and concrete stool RESTO is a really nice idea to have some rest on.

All I LIKE BETON products are available online. We are preparing German version of the store, so we are really busy at the moment. Soon we will launch new, spring version of I LIKE BETON. We can’t wait till the makeover will be done!

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