Concrete tiles – which one to choose?

Concrete tiles – which one to choose?

Concrete tiles are current must-have both in house and office interiors. Architectural concrete, or as we know concrete tiles are solid, stain proof (if we previously impregnate properly) and, what is the most important, great design.

Which shape fits to the interior?

Good choice of concrete tiles obviously depends on character of the room and its size. What is essential is fact that large concrete tiles make small room visually bigger.

Concrete wall tiles

Lately, hexagonal tiles are phenomenon. So there is no other way than hexagonal tiles made of concrete. Carefully put those little masterpieces contribute to making the interior so different and unique.


Even small pieces of walls covered with concrete tiles can make your interior look different. Concrete tiles in size of mosaic look amazing behind the kitchen counters . Due to their greyness, concrete tiles are great background for green plants and herbs in the kitchen.


Concrete wall tiles have one more advantage. Properly put, they can make optical illusion and confuse our eyes.


Do you know that concrete tiles can be freely combine? Arranged mess is what artistic souls love the most. Why don’t you mess a little bit and put concrete wall tiles just as they turn out to be laid, without any specific plan?


I LIKE BETON extends its range of products. Along with customers’ needs and brand new trends, we launched concrete wall tiles, available in three different shades of grey. There will be also concrete floor tiles soon. New products are available on demand at online store:, where you can easily order amazing tiles made of concrete. Concrete home accessories along with wall tiles are unique inspiration offer for modern interiors. It’s worth seeing and convincing yourself how great concrete can look in home and office interiors.

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