Interiors with gold – 3 golden rules

Interiors with gold – 3 golden rules

Interiors with gold – 3 golden rules

Are you wondering which gold interior accessories are matching your space? Are gold accessories for home good choices?

Not so long ago, gold colour in the interior was rather connected with pomp style and didn’t prove that the tenants have good taste. Although, there's no accounting for taste, it’s worth considering which items we should avoid in case they make the room too overwhelming.


gold accessories for home

1st rule

The less, the better. That’s might be the most universal golden rule connected not only with home décor, but also make up or outfits. Let’s stay with home decoration. A painting with gold frame, lots of gold trinkets, gold clock, oh! gold curtains, that’s way too much! If we want to try something new with gold accessories, let’s make it subtle and add some little accents, why not gold accessories for home.


2nd rule

If something is trendy, it doesn’t mean it’s pretty and… useful. Do not follow the trends no matter what. It’s a situation similar to clothes, we have to know in which clothes we look the best. It’s just like our space. Not all trends are must haves we can’t live without. Let’s try just a piece, not all what is available just right now.


3rd rule

Show me your house and I will tell you who you are. That’s a little bit changed version of popular saying. After all, it contains some truth, doesn’t it? Home is for living, meeting, celebrating the daily life. Don’t do anything just to show up. Let you space be quiet and calm where ypu can have a moment of silence with some gold spark in it.


gold home accessories

Now, when we know 3 golden rules, it’s time for 3 gold home accessories. What if we are fans of concrete? It’s a piece of cake! For such concrete lovers, we have something cool! I LIKE BETON is the only producer of mixed concrete with gold. Concrete home accessories are popular but I LIKE BETON products are special and unique. Concrete and gold? Why not! :)

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